Thursday, October 15, 2009

old website is closing- ideas for episode #9

Hi everybody! This is Lauren.
Our current website is closing down soon because our website host is closing down.
Our new website is here.

We will be producing episode #9 this December. If you have any ideas for the show, please
let us know!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chess Diva episode #8 is produced!

Hey there, it's Barbara!

Episode 8 was produced last week.
Lauren and I think this episode is our best yet ever, better
than the award winning episode 6!

The three surprises really made our
show awesome.

See our surprises:

1. Meet United States president's Barack Obama's classmate from Harvard University!
Really! No joke!

2. Watch Barbara juggle and unicycle at the same time! This
new way of focusing enabled her to win more chess games.
Unicyling and juggling at the same time is challenging, yet very fun!

3. Watch Musical chess! See how chess relates to music!
The chess squares are musical notes too! Listen to a song
on the chess board.

These three unique surprises are very interesting and fun to watch!

As usual, the first 10 minutes of the show is chess instruction.
Learn about the Scholar's and Smother checkmates! Also, visit two California chess clubs.

Lauren should post the episode up hopefully next week, so please be patient.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get ready for Episode #8

Hi everyone!
Our next episode of "Chess Diva" is coming up soon!!

In episode #8, there will be a lot of video clips and special guests.
I'm currently editing the video footage right now.
We plan to produce the show in August.

There will a lot of surprises on this episode.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode #8

Hi everybody!
We have been very busy!!
Barbara and I are also getting footage for episode #8.
If you have any suggestions or new ideas for this episode, please let us know!
A couple days ago for volunteer community service, I taught a blind person how to play chess.
I also got to play against other people too.
It was a very rewarding experience!