Thursday, July 24, 2008

more on Jessica Lauser

Hello everybody!
Jessica Lauser is a special guest in our 6th episode.
She recently wrote a nice article for the United States Chess Federation.
If you want read the article, please click

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chess boxing, a new sport!

Lauren here!
Check this article out about chess boxing by clicking here
I think this game is very interesting by mixing up two games together.
Maybe in the future, we'll have checker-tennis, or maybe poker-swimming...
What's the next combined sport going to be?

Today, I went to the computer history museum in Mountain View, California to learn
more about computers.
When I walked in, I discovered that they a great chess exhibit on chess and computers.
Learn how computers can play chess really well.
The admission to the museum is free so I would suggest going!
Click here for more information

Here's Barbara!

Lauren and I are entering our Chess Diva TV show in the Western Access Video excellence Award.
This award applies to the western states, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, California and others.
We have a good chance of winning an award!!!! :-)

We are planning to produce episode #7 in early September.

One interesting fact about computers and perfect play. Computers are incapable to play perfectly.
Why? The number calculations is simply too high to perform.
However, some very strong chess programs such as Fritz are able to play perfect endgames.
This only applies for about 4 pieces on the board.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chess Diva #6 success

Hi this is Lauren!
Yesterday, Barbara and I produced our sixth episode of Chess Diva. If you live in the towns of Menlo Park, Atherton, Stanford, Palo Alto, or East Palo Alto, you should be able to watch it on TV. We'll let you know what channel and the times are.
After the TV studio is finished with the master DV tape, we'll obtain it and put the episode on Google Video so everybody can watch it.

Hello! Barbara's here!

Our special guest 7 year old Alisha Chawla was mention in Susan Polgar's Chess for Girl's blog. She is from Fremont, California.
Read about her here
We made a three minute video clip of her on this episode. She will also represent the USA in Vietnam this year.
Happy winnings Alisha!

Our other guest is Jessica Lauser, who is legally blind. She is the highest rated blind woman chess player in the USA. She talks about how blind people can play chess (with a special board and pieces).